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Looking to get away from the summer crowds? Seeking unique one of a kind experiences? Our Off Track flash adventures have been designed to take you to quieter places and awesome spaces. Join us to experience the best kept secrets the Bruce Peninsula has to offer! 



Rating: 145px Ski trail rating symbol black diamondsvg 1  See individual adventures.
Where:  See individual adventures. 
When:  Saturdays @ 11:00 am and select weekdays, June through September. 
What to bring: See individual adventures
Price: See individual adventures.  Proceeds go to conservation on the Bruce Peninsula.




Imagine walking along a traveled trail, just for a few minutes, then heading Off Track into a secret world of adventure. Find yourself on a little known route wending along a rubble trail beneath the towering wall of escarpment. Here you will discover amazing sea caves, boulders to climb on and hidden spaces to explore. 

Other Off Tack adventures include a fen walk which will take you to the shores of Lake Huron, a shoreline scramble along Georgian Bay, and a biking/hiking tour combination along one of the most scenic lakeside stretches on the peninsula. We are also planning off-season adventures to incorporate spring wildflowers and fall mushrooms as well as an epic paddling excursion to the Grotto!

Timing is everything! These limited edition flash adventures are geared for the conditions, and will change up accordingly. So keep checking in to see what's being offered!



Play, Learn, Make a Difference!

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