Grotto Paddle/Hike

Starting on June 25, 2019 10:00 am
  • Rating:145px Ski trail rating symbol green circlesvg   Gentle to moderate (depending on conditions like wind direction) 5-6 km kayak, with a 5 km hike
  • Where:  Meet at Thorncrest Outfitters in Tobermory. Transport to launch location and return provided. 
  • When:  Tuesday June 25th @ 10:00 am. Duration: 4-5 hrs. Rain or shine event. 
  • What to bring: Water shoes, footwear for hiking, appropriate clothing for the day, sunscreen, rain gear if inclement weather, lunch, snacks and water.
  • Price: $110.00 per person, includes kayak and all equipment. Please specify tandem (encouraged for 2 coming together) or single kayak. Proceeds go to conservation on the Bruce Peninsula.

Come join us on this epic paddle/hike to the Grotto! On this adventure, you'll navigate a river and two inland lakes in a kayak, then hike to reach our final destination, the iconic Bruce Peninsula Grotto. This unique approach to the Grotto will set you apart from the usual drive, park and walk. You will treat yourself to an unparalleled experience on this combination water and land adventure. 

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Kayaking through two lakes, connected by a small river, you will have the opportunity to experience a part of the Bruce Peninsula National Park that is unavailable by foot. See wildlife and interesting plants as you glide through this inland waterway. You'll see the handiwork of resident beavers and possibly waterfowl with families. Bring a camera and binoculars - be prepared for some interesting encounters.

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Once we have made landfall, your adventure will continue on foot along trails leading down to Georgian Bay and along it's clear blue waters. You will marvel as Indian Head Cove comes into view. We will find a pleasant spot to rest and have a well deserved shore lunch.

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Explore some of the amazing features this area has to offer. From cliff top views of Georgian Bay, to hidden places carved into the fortress of escarpment rock, you will revel in the strength and beauty of the landscape that surrounds you!

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Then it will be upon us. Our destination - the iconic Gotto! Your guides will lead you down the stack (if you dare) into the heart of this peninsula jewel. Whether you have visited the Grotto before or this it is your first time, you will be able to say that you arrived in a way that not many have! This small group experience (only 6 participants) will not be repeated in the high season, so get your tickets while you can.

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