A sensory exploration of how the 4 Elements (fire, water, air, earth) have shaped the landscape of the Bruce Peninsula. This guided geological adventure takes you along the towering, rocky cliffs overlooking Georgian Bay. 

The 4 Elements - Every Monday - Pick Your Date


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Rating: This adventure is rated moderate with some challenging sections. Bruce Trail hiking over uneven terrain with some harder slippery sections, cliff edge, steep descents and loose shore stone.
Where: Meet at Dyer’s Bay Parking lot. 
When: Mondays @ 9:00 am, June 10th - September 9th. 
Duration: 3-4 hrs.
What to bring: Sturdy footwear/weather appropriate clothing, sunscreen, hat, bathing suit, rain gear if inclement weather, water, snacks.
Price: $44.00 (+HST). Proceeds go to conservation on the Bruce Peninsula.

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Search for traces of the great fires that swept through the area during the turn of the last century. See how water and ice have scoured and scraped and shaped the rocky landscape we call home. Climb from shore to sky to stand on majestic cliffs with breathtaking views into the crystal clear waters of Georgian Bay. Discover the rare flora and fauna that inhabit the mixed forest’s fragile post glacial soils. 

Experience and learn about pothole power, living rock, tiny ancient cedars, massive flowerpot formations and much much more on this magical mystery tour. Some of the highlights include a hidden stream, a disappearing waterfall, and a secret path that leads to a "land in between".Adventure awaits!


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The 4 Elements - Every Monday - Pick Your Date


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