Cyprus Lake Forest Escape


EcoAdventures is proud to introduce our all new Forest Escape, located at Cyprus Lake, in the incredible Bruce Peninsula National Park. Based on the increasingly popular escape room phenomenon, our outdoor adventure is a fun, challenging group activity for 4 to 6 people who love to solve a good mystery!

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Rating: Gentle trail walking on marked trails.
Where: Cyprus Lake, Bruce Peninsula National Park
When: Starting May 2021. Duration approx. 90-120 minutes. Call if you're looking for a date not offered on our booking portal: 226-277-0904
What to bring: Sturdy footwear, sunscreen and sunhat, insect repellant, water, rain gear if inclement weather, and a sense of adventure!
Price: Optimal group size 4 to 6 people, age 13 and up.  Flat rate $150 +HST. Proceeds to conservation on the Bruce Peninsula. 


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All is not what it seems at the usually peaceful Cyprus Lake campground. Rumours abound about missing fossil specimens and the sudden disappearance of rare orchids in the park. Who is this reclusive visiting naturalist Angus T. Sturgeon who has rigged his camp with security cameras and booby traps? Why is he acting so strangely and what is he trying to hide? Can you uncover the mystery and stop the rogue scientist before it’s too late? 

Coming spring 2021, EcoAdventures presents a new outdoor escape experience. Against a backdrop of ecological learning about wild orchids, fossils, and how to be a responsible visitor to the Peninsula, participants will solve puzzles and uncover a dastardly plot. 





  Play, Learn, Make a Difference! 

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